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Message From CyberjayaFolks Administrator






Join CyberjayaFolks Mailing List today to receive latest news, activities, events and updates on Cyberjaya, the intelligent city.


To join, simply click the "JOIN CJFOLKS" button below to go to CyberjayaFolks listinfo page and enter your preferred email address where do you want us to send you CyberjayaFolks messages and updates.



CyberjayaFolks Mailing List provides easy unsubscribe link in every email should you wish to unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe from CyberjayaFolks listinfo page. The system will promptly remove you from CyberjayaFolks mailing list.



About CyberjayaFolks Mailing List


CyberjayaFolks Mailing List ("CyberjayaFolks") is a mailing list created for the community of Cyberjaya and moderated by Cyberjaya.Name.


It was observed that sometimes there were cold responses/supports from the Cyberjaya community towards the activities and events held in Cyberjaya i.e. exhibitions. It could be due to some of us were not aware or did not receive such information on the activities to be held in Cyberjaya. This has prompted us to create Cyberjaya.Name CMX and CyberjayaFolks as online channels to notify Cyberjaya community on the latest news, activities, events and updates on Cyberjaya ("Cyberjaya events"). These online channels indirectly will serve as alternate mass medium to the promotions made by the event organizers such as flyers, banners and buntings.


Please be assured that we will only send CyberjayaFolks members messages that are related to Cyberjaya for the benefit of Cyberjaya community. The latest Cyberjaya events will be posted on Cyberjaya.Name CMX. For us to disseminate the information fast to Cyberjaya community, it is at this juncture where we will email all CyberjayaFolks members the 'link' to the forum posting and hoping CyberjayaFolks members will follow the link and view the posting.


The establishment of Cyberjaya.Name CMX and CyberjayaFolks are purely "personal/individual" efforts with the sincere intention to promote our beloved Cyberjaya and any latest Cyberjaya events. Therefore, this is to assert that Cyberjaya.Name CMX and CyberjayaFolks are NOT related to or affiliated with any organizations in Cyberjaya, neither MDeC nor Cyberview nor property developers. 


It is aspired that Cyberjaya.Name CMX will become one of the preferred sources in obtaining latest Cyberjaya events. Hence, members' contributions are most welcome and members are encouraged to post any latest Cyberjaya events on Cyberjaya.Name CMX, whether on personal basis or representing your organization.



Thank you for your support.



Best regards.






Cyberjaya.Name CMX






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