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About Cyberjaya Cyberjaya Updates - Q3 2009

Prepared by: MSC Malaysia Cybercities Department  

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Cyberjaya Flagship Zone Highlights

  as of July 2009 as of March 2008

Number of MSC Malaysia Status Companies


30 MNCs, 427 SMEs


30 MNCs, 386 SMEs

Completed Enterprise Space

4.5 million sq.ft. 3,030,600 sq.ft.

Available Enterprise Space

50,000 sq.ft. 133,881 sq.ft.

Upcoming Enterprise Buildings

700,000 sq.ft.
JPJ Data Centre, Bank Negara Malaysia, Data Centre, HP Global IT Centre, Knowledge Workers Development Institute, Satyam Global Delivery Campus, Basis Bay Data Centre

by 1Q 2008

505,000 sq.ft

Prima 8, MKN Tech Zone

Day Population

36,000 35,020

Night Population

14,000 13,777

Completed Residential Units with CF

2,500 2,441

Ready Bungalow Lots


New Residential Development

The Domain@NeoCyber

(272 units)


Future Residential Developments

Medium to high-end (2,000 units)

Affordable (462 units)

Mixed (660 units)



Up and coming Projects in Cyberjaya

Project Location Description Commence Complete
Park and Ride at Lot PT12130 >> Intersection of Persiaran APEC and Persiaran Rimba
>> Opposite BOMBA Cyberjaya
Construction of a Park & Ride consisting of 453 car parking bays, 7 bus parking bays, 1 bus shelter and 1 guard house Q1 2008 Q3 2008
Data Centre at
Lot PT12162
(Basis Bay)
>> JalanCyberPoint 5
>> Opposite Balai Polis Cyberjaya
Construction of a 5-storey Data Centre (Tier-3) with 2-storey Administration Block for a local data centre services company Q1 2008 Q3 2008
Satyam Global
Delivery Campus at Lot PT12122
>> Persiaran APEC
>> Next to BOMBA Cyberjaya
Construction of Global Delivery Campus for Satyam Computers Ltd. consisting 8-storey Main Block (IT office, Learning Centre, Auditorium and ancillary buildings Q1 2008

Q4 2008

Q1 2009

JPJ Data Centre

>> Opposite EDS

>> Comprise of 100,000 sq ft office space

10,000 sq ft Data Centre Space Q1 2008 Q4 2008
Bank Negara
Data Centre
Opposite EDS 120,000 sq ft Q12008 Q4 2008
Housing at Lot
P60, P61
>> Jalan Cyber Point 5.
>> South-West of DELL
Global Business Center
Construction of affordable and market rate housing units, and retail units. Q1 2008 Q1 2009
(Phase 1)
Institute at Lot
>> Persiaran APEC
>> Opposite DELL Global
Business Center
Construction of K-Workers Development Institute,
consisting of a Learning Centre, Enterprise Block and auditorium
Q2 2008 Q2 2009
(Phase 1)
CBD Perdana 2 >> Opposite Street Mall
>> Beside CBD Perdana1
Comprised of 256 strata parcels of signature retail and corporate office with total lettable space of about
530,000 sq ft.
Q3 2008 Q2 2010
HP Global IT Hub >> West of Balai Polis
>> South of Neo Cyber
Construction of an Office block for HP Q4 2008 Q2 2010


Stakeholders in Cyberjaya Flagship Zone

Multimedia Development
Corporation (MDeC)
  • Provide strategy and advice to Government on MSC Bills of Guarantee delivery
  • Escalate to Government related issues and review of
    Cybercity status
  • One-stop shop for MSC Malaysia Status Companies
Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (MPSp)
  • Local authority
  • Current Cybercity Management
  • Co-chair of One-Stop Agency
  • Owner and operator of City Command Centre
  • Provider of municipal services
Cyberview Sdn. Bhd
  • Landowner
  • Conduit to deliver Government infrastructure, amenities and additional support facilities

Setia Haruman Sdn. Bhd. (SHSB)
  • Master Developer appointed by Landowner
  • Provider of basic infrastructure per CFZ Layout Plan


Cyberjaya Development Status Q1 2008


Cyberjaya Development Plan 2010


Cyberjaya Population 2007 - 2012


Cyberjaya Residential Development Plan

  • By 2010 the objective is to deliver over 3,500 residential homes.

  • Delivered by sub-developers:

    • 2,000 units of medium to high end housing.

    • 900 units of affordable housing.

    • 600 units of mixed housing



Cyberjaya Enterprise Space Development Plan

  • Current office space is approximately 3.0 million sq.ft.

  • Projected enterprise space is 5.0 million sq.ft. by 2010.

  • Currently under construction is 1.17 million sq.ft.






Download Cyberjaya Updates Q1 2008 in PDF file:- full set and full size images with no watermark.


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