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Cyberjaya is Malaysia's 1st model cybercity within the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Strategically located to the west of Putrajaya, the new administrative centre of the Government. Cyberjaya is developed as a model intelligent city, a unique greenfield environment within which one can live, study, work and play.



Cyberjaya Updates

Q3 2009

The city covers an area of approx. 7000 hectares and becomes a leading edge multimedia centre in Malaysia capable of attracting world-class multimedia and ICT companies as well as professionals and students. The development policies will preserve the natural beauty and air quality of the environment. The city incorporates low density development revolving around green reserves and an excellent infrastructure. It'll strike a balance between commercial development and residential areas with adequate recreational and public facilities in harmony with its natural surrounding including those for the physically handicapped.

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Nucleus of MSC


Cyberjaya is the nucleus for the development of Malaysia's MSC. While the MSC's objective is to help transform the country's economy from manufacturing to hi-tech industries, Cyberjaya's role is provide the optimum environment to house multimedia and ICT companies wishing to participate in the MSC.


Flagship Zone


The Flagship Zone is a special area within Cyberjaya that has been designated as a catalyst to initiate the development within the MSC corridor. Located on the eastern section of Cyberjaya, 2855 hectares area is the prime phase of Cyberjaya's development. This self-contained Flagship Zone offers a superb business and living environment.


Fiber Optic Network


Advanced fiber optic network within Cyberjaya (Cyberjaya Metro Fiber Network, CMFN) is being used to provide high quality connectivity and maximum efficiency since communication is the key to success in every business endeavor. CMFN delivers the fiber connectivity straight to the buildings and houses under the concept of “Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB)” and “Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH)” respectively. With the ring topology; it secures full redundancy throughout the network. As of Dec. 2011, CMFN has fiberized more than 50 buildings in Cyberjaya and those buildings are On-Net within CMFN.


Fiber Optic Broadband


A fiber-based broadband (broadband-over-fiberoptic) is also available in Cyberjaya under the banner City Broadband that provides high speed broadband internet access broadband to corporate/enterprises and residential areas in Cyberjaya.


Utility Services


A high quality, efficient and uninterrupted utility services will be ensured for the supply of electricity, water and gas. All utilities will be supported by a back-up grid network that will come into operation whenever a disruption occurs.


Transportation Links


Cyberjaya is served by a high speed transportation network with super highways, roads and interchanges linking the city with Putrajaya and a dedicated highway running from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) with convenient interchanges making it easily accessible from any point within Peninsular Malaysia.


Public transportation in Cyberjaya includes Cyberjaya Park & Ride (a.k.a Cyberjaya Shuttle) and Cyberjaya Dedicated Transportation System (DTS).




Come to Cyberjaya, a city of opportunities and challenges, taking advantage of its strategic location in the heart of the Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and the latest in its infrastructure.



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